Body Treatments

Plaster Therapy    DE Bruno Vassari

The definitive body treatment that remodels your contours.

It is a revolutionary treatment that sculpts the figure, obtaining visible results from the first session. 

Thanks to the occlusive and heating action of the cosmetic plaster we can reduce centimeters, improve cellulite and sagging. It is a simple and safe method that allows us to locally treat aesthetics that affect the abdomen, arms, chest, as well as the legs and buttocks. 

Firming and anti-cellulite


Strong Tempera


 Anti-Cellulite Liposculpture Treatment, reducer of resistant adiposity. Thermo-Blackening and Fat Burning Action

Strong Reaffermine 


Dermal filler, Firming, Body Dermotensor and very effective Anti-stretch marks treatment. 

7 HiTech assets

The Sensorial Coonut Ritual

De Bruno Vassari

Let the sensations immerse themselves in a relaxing and nourishing coconut-based ritual capable of repairing the most damaged skin. A true sensory experience that brings the senses to maximum relaxation while treating the skin deeply.


Selvert Thermal Switzerland y Skeyndor. 


Treatment with draining, detoxifying and circulatory properties. 

L'Ocean with micro algae. 

Highly effective treatment for obesity and cellulite. 

Pink Diamond. 

Treatment that firms, tones and reinforces the tissue. 

Shapphire Gem

 Treatment with Safira particles, which provides vitality and luminosity to the skin.

 Beauty Sea 

Organic mud treatment with hematite extracts. Strengthens the skin's defenses and regenerates hydration. 


 Ginger body decontracting treatment.

 Arctic Plants. 

Treatment that stimulates microcirculation and reduces the feeling of tired legs.

Body scrubs 

 Beauty Sea Peeling 

Cellular renewal of grapefruit, vanilla and dead sea salt. 

Natural Beauty Peeling. 

 Cell renewal of fruit acids with 0% parabens.


 Cell renewal with micro drag grains. 

It is essential to make an appointment in advance.